Nurturing Cocoa's Rich Heritage: A Sustainable Journey with WR Carpenter Trading

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From Plantations to Global Cocoa Export: Seven Decades of Expertise

WR Carpenter Trading is headquartered in the vibrant heart of Singapore and stands as a distinguished multi-origin exporter of Cocoa. With a rich history spanning over seven decades, our expertise in the Cocoa industry is deeply rooted in the operation of Cocoa plantations. These plantations, nestled in the fertile landscapes of Papua New Guinea, have been our pride and passion, showcasing a remarkable journey alongside a variety of other crops, including coconut, balsa, tea, and coffee. With our expertise in the Cocoa industry and operations of plantations, the company grew into the sourcing and export of multi-origin Cocoa from the Pacific Islands, West Africa and South America.

Sourcing Sustainability: Nurturing Partnerships for Ethical Cocoa

Our commitment to sustainable sourcing and ethical practices is the cornerstone of our success. We are dedicated to maintaining strong relationships with our farmers, ensuring the origins of our Cocoa are both authentic and sustainable. WR Carpenter Trading takes a comprehensive approach to supporting local communities and environmental conservation, allowing us to deliver premium Cocoa with a true story and conscience.

At WR Carpenter Trading, we’ve cultivated strategic partnerships with farmers, cooperatives, and suppliers to ensure a reliable and consistent supply chain. We take pride in being a trusted partner for our customers, offering transparency and traceability throughout the process. Our Cocoa beans are a testament the dedication of its farmers.

When you choose WR Carpenter Trading as your partner in Cocoa, together, we will continue to create a sustainable and prosperous future for the world’s most beloved treat.

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